lunes, 16 de enero de 2017

1084. Pingala's triangle

    "A lion killed Panini; an elephant killed Jaimini; a crocodile killed Pingala... What do senseless beasts, overcome with fury, care for intellectual virtues?" (Pachatantra.)

    Dear Teacher:
    Pascal's triangle is referred to as Tartaglia's triangle in Italy, Yang Hui's triangle in China and Khayyam's triangle in Iran, because these four mathematicians independently discovered it. However, long before them, Pingala, one of the three wise brethrin killed by beasts, already knew it... in India... May I call it Pingala's triangle?

    Pepe Chapuzas likes old stories... We had seen that in Pascal's (or Pingala's) triangle we could find the triangular numbers and the tetrahedral numbers... Pepe made a visual demonstration...

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